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This is the BPPC’s last meeting of the year. Five commission seats are open starting next year. If you are interested apply at the City of Chico’s website.

The agenda for the Bidwell Park & Playground Commission Meeting to be held via teleconference on the WebEx platform (similar to Zoom) at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, December 14, 2020 is available on the City’s website (see below).  The agenda packet with Staff reports and Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Vegetative Fuels Management Plan will be available at the following link on the City’s website soon at (click on “Commissions”):  

For this completely remote meeting, you will need to use your computer, laptop, or other electronic device to log into the WebEx meeting using the following link and login information:

Attendee Meeting Link:   

 Event number: 146 230 3836
Attendee password:Chico1214(case sensitive)
Call-in Number (Audio only):1-844-517-1442

Call-in Password:      146 230 3836

If you do not have audio on your electronic device, you may also call in to participate.  The meeting will also be live streamed online on WebEx, but it will not be televised on Comcast Channel 11.  The meeting will also be recorded and available for public review after the meeting, if requested.  

As an “attendee” you will be able to speak during the public comment period for an agenda item by using the “raised hand” symbol at the bottom of your screen and when called upon to speak by the BPPC Chair.  Please raise your hand to speak on a particular item after the Chair asks for public comments for that item and not before so Staff knows which item you wish to talk about.

You may also submit public comments via email sent to  with the subject line PUBLIC COMMENT ITEM _____ during the meeting and prior to the close of public comment on that item.  To allow us to better keep track of comments, we encourage you to please not send more than one email per item, and to send a separate email for each agenda item you would like to address.  For any emails received during the meeting, the names of the people submitting the email will be publicly read, but not the entire email.  The Commission will silently read emails during the meeting.  They will become part of the public record and will also be available for public review, if requested. 

Please plan on logging into the meeting a little early so you can familiarize yourself with the WebEx features.  Staff can also assist you with setup or any technical issues you may have at that time.

Written by Tom Barrett