Two members of the DCBA clean-up brigarde posing for the camera at Lost Park wearing orange vests for visibility and equipped with a trash bag and trash grabbers
August 21, 2016 News No Comments

Since July 2014, thousands of pounds of trash, cardboard, and recycling have been removed in the riparian and landscaped corridor between Children’s Park and One-Mile Dam by the Cleanup Brigade of the DCBA. This has been possible by funding from donors and City of Chico Community Grants to FOBP. This year FOBP has again qualified with the City of Chico to receive a $6,000 matching Chico Community Grant by raising nearly $8,000 with the 2016 Annie B’s Community Drive for this ongoing work by DCBA in Lower Park. Please donate to FOBP via the Annie B’s Community Drive which will greatly enhance your contribution for this and other FOBP efforts to sustain Bidwell Park. These include continued control of Spanish broom in Upper and Middle Park and volunteer efforts to control weeds and plant native vegetation in Lower Park. Thank you!

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