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A compilation of efforts has resulted in this preliminary vascular plant list which currently accounts for 942 taxa! Although the plant inventory project is still a couple of years from being completed, we were eager to share the wealth of information we have gathered about Bidwell Park’s plant species with the general public.

Recently we began collaborating with Friends of the Chico State Herbarium and the Mt. Lassen Chapter of the California Native Plant Society to conduct more-formal surveys on the 4 major park sub-regions (Lower Park, Middle Park, North Upper Park and South Upper Park). This year we are focusing on the different vegetation management areas in Lower Park. We will be revising the list on the website after completing our surveys for the 2012 field season.

We hope people use this list to learn more about the amazing plant diversity found in Bidwell Park. We also hope observant park users can help us make corrections and add new locations for species as they enjoy their explorations.

Keep watching the FOBP website as we will be providing more interesting details about the plants of Bidwell Park throughout the summer!

Learn more about the Bidwell Park plant inventory project.

View the Bidwell Park preliminary plant list.

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