Impacts from Disc Golf in Upper Bidwell Park


Damage to Trees and Plants


“The loss of branch tips and foliage was widespread across the course, particularly where trees were in the middle of the fairway. In several cases, greater than 50% of the foliage and branch tips had been removed by discs.” from the arborist’s report, City of Chico/Blue Oak Assessment, Disc Golf Course Review and Blue Oak Management Guidelines


Soil Compaction and Erosion


“In the A horizon, or topsoil, organic matter, microbial activity, and roots are concentrated. The soil structures and strength produced by the biological interactions in the topsoil are important for dissipating raindrop impact and allowing precipitation to infiltrate into the soil” “The horizons below the A horizon are generally called subsoil. These horizons have less organic matter and the associated biological activity, and are more critical for anchorage, water retention and root aeration.Soil quality, or the ability of soils to preform their biological and hydrological functions is dependent on the soil profile existing intact and in a sustainable condition.” “What I observed at the site is widespread erosion of the thin topsoil and the compaction of the remaining subsoil.” “I have not observed this much surface area being degraded on similar land used for hiking, biking or cattle grazing.” —NRCS Soil Scientist—Letter to City of Chico regarding soil damage at Disc Golf site (12/8/04)



Damage from Multiple Trails




Trash and Unauthorized Modifications