November 26, 2019 News No Comments

Like a number of other local non-profits, FOBP has lost a number of Board members who have needed to resign in the last year or so. As a consequence, the Board currently is composed of five (5) members, the minimum number allowed in our Bylaws. The purpose of this request is to ask you to consider becoming a member of our Board.

Plans for 2020 are ambitious but cannot be accomplished without more hands on deck. At the top of the list of Board-approved projects is a series of workshops leading to a conference focused on the State of Bidwell Park. We are also looking at ways to create a fund that would ensure the needs of Bidwell Park are met, especially in terms of staffing and related measures central to the preservation and enhancement of the park’s natural values. Improved relationships with the Bidwell Park and Playground Commission and the Chico City Council is also a high priority for the Board. These goals, however, can only be accomplished by a larger Board, the duties of which are pretty straight forward. 

For one, the Board is responsible for the fiscal health of the organization (which, by the way, is relatively stable at this time). Second, the primary commitment of Board members is one of time; in particular, the regular meetings of the Board, which are designed to address a wide range of issues pertinent to the health of the park. And last but not least, to act as a watchdog group due to the wide range of conflicts and pressures facing the park on a regular basis.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the FOBP Board and/or need more information, please contact Board President John Merz at (530) 345-4050 or

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 



Written by Tom Barrett