Baseline Trail Condition Survey

On Monday, June 23, the Park Commission will hear a report on the Upper Bidwell Park Baseline Trail Condition Survey. This document was scheduled to be out over two years ago and is finally available. Trails in Upper Bidwell Park are the largest contributor to soil erosion in the Park, not the Upper Park Road but the bike and hike paths. Finally this will be addressed, and…

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A Walk in the Park – May 15, 2023

The grasses are drying out quickly in the foothills and turning brown as summer approaches. However, in Lower Bidwell Park it is still green and lush thanks to the bountiful rain we’ve had this past rainy season. The ground vegetation is high and thick and while the City mowed some of the trails they missed others so be prepared to get foxtails in your socks and poison…

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A Walk in the Park – May Flowers, May 1, 2023

It’s been a while (March 2022) since I’ve written “A Walk in the Park”. I’ve been walking some, just not writing. I had to take time off from walking last year as my knee was failing and it was too painful to walk. I now have two new titanium knees and have resumed my daily walking routine that started when we had to isolate from Covid. I…

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A Walk in the Park – March 28, 2022

A Walk in the Park – March 28, 2022 by Tom Barrett

I was excited to get into the Park this morning after our brief and insubstantial rain yesterday. It always smells delightful when it is damp and sunlight glistens off of leaves. I wasn’t disappointed. Every time I enter Lower Park at Bryant Avenue and Vallombrosa I have to admire the magnificent large Valley…

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A Walk In the Park – March 21, 2022

A Walk In the Park – March 21, 2022 by Tom Barrett

The first day of Spring in the Park. In the early morning light the newly emerged, translucent green, oak leaves brighten the understory and the Park glows. One of my favorite times of year in Lower Park, everything is green or greening. Soon as the leaves darken and fill out it will…

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A Walk In The Park – March 2022

A Walk In The Park – March 2022 by Tom Barrett

Since being quarantined two years ago with the start of the Covid pandemic I started to walk every weekday in Lower Park. Two entrances to the Park, one at Bryant Avenue and the other at Rey Way at Vallombrosa, are three quarters of a mile from my house and my walk route takes…

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New Park Commissioners

Four new Park Commissioners joined the three sitting Commissioners (Anna Blackmon Moore, Lise Smith-Peters, and Jeffry Glatz). New Commissioners include: Jesse Alexander, Anjanette Shadley, Megan Thomas Petty, and Nancy Wolfe.

Jeffrey Glatz was selected by the City Council to serve a third term and Megan Petty was reselected having been a Park Commissioner in the past.

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Climate Adaptation Survey – City of Chico


My name is Austin Powell and I am the current CivicSpark Fellow serving for the City of Chico. I am here to inform you that we are releasing a short survey on Monday, March 29th to April 12th for the public to help develop key climate adaptation strategies that will be incorporated into the City’s General Plan. 

I am reaching out to you to see…

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A number of Bidwell Park related decisions were made by the City Council on Tuesday night (March 3, 2020)

Text from the Chico Enterprise Record Wednesday, March 4, 2020

CHICO — By next year, people who drive and park in upper Bidwell Park will look to pay a fee. On Tuesday, the Chico City Council went forward with a recommendation…

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FOBP Board of Directors Positions Open

Like a number of other local non-profits, FOBP has lost a number of Board members who have needed to resign in the last year or so. As a consequence, the Board currently is composed of five (5) members, the minimum number allowed in our Bylaws. The purpose of this request is to ask you to consider becoming a member of our Board.

Plans for…

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The Stoney Fire burned over 900 acres of Upper Park. The Peregrine Point area was severely burned and the City decided to close it to public use until it can be deemed safe.

Entrance to Disc Golf Closed

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FOBP is providing its 5th year of weekly trash removal in Lower Bidwell Park from Lost Park and Annie’s Glenn to the One-Mile dam. FOBP supporters raised over $5,000 in August 2017 and the Chico Community Grant program under the auspices of the North Valley Community Foundation matched an additional $2,300. FOBP partners with the Work Training Center/Prestige Landscape Services to provide this valuable cleanup service in the park.

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