Bidwell Park Issues/Projects FOBP 2018 – 2019

In August the FOBP Board identified the following issues and projects that Friends of Bidwell Park will work on or address in 2018 – 2019.

Vegetation Management – Invasive and Native Plant Control
2017 – 2018 Budget: $5,000; spent $1,000
2018 – 2019 Budget: $5,000
Action Objective: Continue to work with the City to eradicate invasive weeds in the Park. Investigate partnering opportunities with other organizations and individuals. Publicize the importance of vegetation management, including the fire protection aspect.

Vegetation Management – Fire Management Plan
Action Objective: Support, encourage, and watchdog City efforts to develop a fire management plan for Bidwell Park, with an emphasis on public safety.

Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course
Action Objective: Make sure the CEQA document and MOU are adhered to so that Bidwell Park’s natural resources are protected.

Annie’s Glenn Weekly Pickup Campaign
2017 – 2018 Goal: $5,000;
2018 – 2019 Goal: $5,000. Continue funding if budget allows.
Action Objective: Use the North Valley Community Foundation’s community-oriented fundraising campaign to solicit funds to keep the Annie’s Glenn trash pickup program going. The goal is to keep the $600/month program going after current funding runs out in October. Publicize the cleanup with photos on Facebook, a press release, photo in the Enterprise-Record’s weekly “Community Snapshots” page.

Volunteer Sessions
2018 – 2019 Proposed Budget: $1,000  with $500 – tools, equipment, refreshments for volunteer; $500 t-shirts (target: 100 at $5 each).
Action Objectives: Develop work sessions of “stand alone” projects, such as the Sycamore Restoration Project. Recruit volunteers from CAVE and elsewhere. We will list our events in the Parks Volunteer Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts. Develop closer relationship with PALS – FOBP representative at every meeting. Funding will be allocated for T-Shirts for volunteers, purchase of native plants, and providing pizza and other refreshments for volunteers.

New FOBP Board Member Recruitment
Action Objectives: Each Board member will recruit at least one viable board member candidate, and John will send a Board recruitment message out to our email list of supporters.

Upper-Upper Park Road
Action Objective: With “Keep Upper Park Wild” as the primary objective, question the methodology of the survey and the survey results, engage with the City to develop a plan regarding vehicle access, and develop our own policy to advocate. Monitor work plans for culverts.

Bidwell Park & Playgrounds Commission
Action Objective: Encourage the Commission to make decisions rather than punting controversial issues to the City Council, work to change the current policy of how commissioners are selected, and look for people who would be good commissioners. Establish list of BPPC responsibilities. Work with City Council Candidates to educate them on park issues and committed BPPC candidates.

Sustainable Funding for Bidwell Park
Action Objective: Encourage efforts to generate funding for long-term Bidwell Park needs. Write letters in support of grants. Suggest grant opportunities to the City. (Periodically research possible grants and send suggestions to City staff.)

Action Objective: Continue to research a possible interpretive kiosk on Wildwood Avenue, the “entrance to Upper Park.”

Bidwell Park Conference
2018 – 2019 Proposed Budget: $5,000
Organize a Bidwell Park Conference for the public. The conference would be held in early spring 2019.
Action Objective: Janine volunteered to put together a budget. The Board agreed to explore this further at its next meeting.

Lost Park Recreation Development Plan
No actionable objectives at this time.

Other Issues and Projects
As they come up.