Annie Bidwell Trail: Caryn and Michael Jones proposed building a trail from Bidwell Mansion to the east end of Bidwell Park on the south side of Big Chico Creek. The project was conceptually approved, pending the 2003 MMP update and EIR, but, like many of the other proposed trail maintenance and rerouting projects, it was not studied in the MMP update process. A separate EIR would need to be completed before the trail could be built.

Monkey Face: This area of Upper Park is very popular and has become scarred by numerous trails and severe erosion. One or more official trails need to be established and the rest of the area restored.

New Trails in Upper Park: In 2001, a number of new connector trails were approved for Upper Park. Design and construction were supposed to take place once the MMP update and EIR had been produced and approved, but the trails plan was not studied adequately during the MMP/EIR process so these trails cannot be built until a separate EIR is done.

South Side Trails on Private Property: A park boundary survey on the south side several years ago showed that several park trails that start at the former BLM property cross private property. One of the affected property owners rerouted the trail segment that went through his property and then asked the Park Commission to approve this reroute and provide connector trails at each end. Approval is subject to the MMP and EIR.

Stairs at Parking Area Q: 60+ stairs have been proposed to connect Parking Area Q to the Yahi Trail. The project is waiting for completion of a Negative Declaration or the MMP update and EIR.

Trails: There is a difference of opinion within the community about whether new trails should be built in the park before existing trails are brought up to the Trails Manual standards. A related topic of discussion is whether any of the park’s existing trails—official, unofficial, and undocumented—should be closed and revegetated. Other discussion points are whether any park trails should be open only to pedestrians, standards of trail design for multiuse trails, the importance of providing loop trails and who should be responsible for trail maintenance in the park.

Unauthorized trail construction: The Park Division lacks resources to enforce trail design standards in much of the park. Haphazard and unauthorized construction of trails often goes unchecked.

Wet weather trail restrictions: Upper Park trail use by bicycles and equestrians is prohibited during wet weather in order to prevent damage. Conditions also limit access by park division personnel, so enforcement is difficult.

Yahi Trail Section Realignment: A realignment of the Yahi Trail in the Salmon Hole area has been proposed. The MMP update and EIR did not adequately study this project so it must have a separate EIR before the realignment can take place.