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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Friends of Bidwell Park?

Friends of Bidwell Park (FOBP) is a park advocacy, non-profit organization formed in April of 2003.  FOBP received its IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit designation in January 2004.  Our focus is on preserving and protecting the natural resources of Bidwell Park, increasing community outreach that provides education and information about the park and its resources, as well as providing park volunteer opportunities.

Currently, we are not a membership organization because we don’t have the resources to manage membership lists, arrange for regular member meetings, write and distribute newsletters, etc. However, we do have a Board of Directors  and we welcome working with other organizations with like interests and having individuals interested in particular park issues be involved with FOBP.

Our Board is a friendly, dedicated group of volunteers and if you would be interested in joining the Friends Board, please email: 

If you’re not a membership organization, who are the ‘Friends’ in Friends of Bidwell Park?

Anyone who volunteers in the park or contributes to organizations that directly help the park can be a Friend of Bidwell Park. We try to facilitate volunteerism and encourage donations by letting people know how they can help the park, via information on our web site. We work closely with the City of Chico in supporting volunteer efforts in the park.

What is the Mission of Friends of Bidwell Park?

Our mission is to raise awareness, encourage learning, and facilitate personal and community involvement in the conservation and sustainable use of Bidwell Park.

How do you spend the money that’s donated to FOBP?

  • For the last 5 years, FOBP has raised funds (matched by Annie B’s Community and City of Chico grant programs) to pay for weekly trash removal from Lost Park and Annie’s Glenn to the One-Mile dam in Lower Bidwell Park.  FOBP partners with the Work Training Center/Prestige Landscape Services to provide this valuable cleanup service in the park.
  • We purchase and maintain specialized tools that are used in our invasive plant removal program as well as supplies such as inexpensive GPS units, cameras and computers to map rare plant species and invasive plants.
  • We helped pay for a tool shed that is located at the Park Division and we share our tools with volunteer groups.
  • We pay for professional vegetation management services that are contracted with the City of Chico Park Division to control for invasive weeds:  Ailanthus (Tree of Heaven), Arundo Donax (Giant Reed), Catalpa Speciosa, and Spartium junceum (Spanish Broom) currently.
  • We help design and produce educational materials about invasive plants and natural resource preservation.

To learn more about how we spend donations, review the summary of our latest financial report.

Some highlights of our major accomplishments and community involvement include:

  • FOBP is providing its 5th year of weekly trash removal in Lower Bidwell Park from Lost Park and Annie’s Glenn to the One-Mile dam. FOBP supporters raised over $5,000 in August 2017 and the Chico Community Grant program under the auspices of the North Valley Community Foundation matched an additional $2,300.
  • FOBP continues to monitor conditions at the Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course and to advocate for the preservation of the natural resources (CEQA-identified Butte County Checker Bloom, Bidwell’s Knotweed, Blue Oaks and wild flower fields), rehabilitation of the land and maintenance to protect resources. Our members attend Bidwell Park and Playground Commission and City Council meetings.
  • Our extensive website at contains a calendar of volunteer opportunities, Park events and Park-related City meetings. We have maps and articles pertaining to the history and natural resources of Bidwell Park, including a sortable comprehensive plant list.
  • Our amazing volunteers have donated over 16,000 hours working in Bidwell Park since we started in 2003. We are committed to holding volunteer activities with a focus on of invasive plant management and propagation of native plants.  Check our website calendar, FOBP volunteer dates will start up in September.
  • We share our field tools and expertise with other community groups working throughout Chico’s parks and greenways to remove trash, eliminate invasive plant species and improve safety.  We have shared the expense of a tool storage shed at the Park Division to help with loaning tools.
  • We meet regularly with the City’s Park & Natural Resources to provide input on Park issues. We continue to be interested in the development of a Park endowment fund, grant funding for the Park, adopting appropriate Park user fees and the preservation of Bidwell Ranch.