From left to right:

  1. Trenching shovel—available at most hardware stores, reinforced handle allows some use as prying tool, narrow blade useful in tight spots
  2. Pruning saw—from Fanno Saw Works, “seconds” are half price, 20″-22″ are most useful
  3. Small pick—from Home Depot, good for yellow starthistle removal
  4. Pulaski—from Park Ave. hardware store, 3 ½ lb. size, has cutting and digging edges
  5. Loppers—Lowes or Orchard Supply, Fiscar brand, can order replaceable blades from Fiscar, have ratchet action that give user extra leverage, lightweight but strong
  6. “Mini” Weed Wrench—for removing woody-stemmed plants, saves your back
  7. “Heavy” Weed Wrench—good for trees & shrubs with long taproots, not shown are “small”-and “medium”-size wrenches, order from, cost from $90-$220, depending on size, can borrow all sizes from Friends of Bidwell Park.
  8. Garden Cart in background—much more useful that wheelbarrow for carrying tools, supplies, tree stumps, etc.



Other tips: buy tools with bright colors to avoid losing in weeds or paint handles/wrap with colored electrical tape; fiberglass handles harder to break but also provide less shock absorption when being used.