Given to the City of Chico by Annie Bidwell

The legal description of the property’s bounds has been omitted here. It can bee seen on another page.

Note: This text was transcribed from a scan of a copy of an old document. It may contain errors and its accuracy has not been verified. The scan which was used as the source for this document is currently available online as an appendix to the Bidwell Park Master Management Plan Update in a pdf dpcument (1.4 MB) at the city’s website.

THIS DEED made this Tenth day of July, A. D. 1905, between ANNIE E. K. BIDWELL of Butte County, California, first party and CITY OF CHICO, a municipal corporation of the fifth class duly created and organized under the laws of the State of California, second party,


In consideration of One Dollar to first party paid by second party, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the first party has granted, bargained, sold and conveyed and by these presents does grant, bargain, sell and convey to second party


This land is sold and conveyed upon the following conditions, to-wit:

First — Second party shall not use, cause to be used or allow to be used, directly or indirectly, said land or any part thereof for the purpose of making or selling intoxicating liquors of any kind, or variety, or for the purpose of giving the same away.

Second — That the second party shall use the same for the purpose of a Public Park for the benefit of the citizens and residents of said City of Chico; provided, it may rent the pasturage on the same to raise revenue for the care and maintenance of said Park so as in its judgment as not to interfere with its enjoyment by the public in a reasonable manner.

Third — That second party shall preserve, as far as reasonably possible, for the beauty of said Park as well as for the preservation and protection of the waters of Chico Creek, all of the trees, shrubs and vines therein, and it shall sacredly guard the same and only remove such thereof as it may find absolutely necessary.

Fourth — Second party is not to permit the hunting therein of wild animals or birds; but this shall not be construed to prevent second party from destroying or removing any of such animals or birds as may be of noxious nature or habits.

Fifth — Second party shall not use or cause to be used or allow to be used directly or indirectly, said land or any part thereof, for the purpose of holding, permitting or allowing to be held thereon., public picnics on Sunday, — that is to say, picnics given by Orders, Lodges, Organizations or Associations, or any public picnic, or any advertised picnic or picnics given in aid of any purpose, public or otherwise, or picnics to which the public generally or all of a certain class are invited or at liberty to go.

Should said conditions or any or either of them be broken or disregarded by said second party, then the title herein granted and conveyed by this deed, shall cease and revert to be and be vested in the first party, her heirs or assigns.

The said party of the first party hereby reserves to herself the use and occupation of said premises for and during the term of her natural life.

It is the wish of the party of the first part, and. is to be fully considered and understood, that the said Park is the joint gift of her late husband, John Bidwell and herself to the City of Chico, as a token of their love and affection and that that grand work of God may be preserved to his glory and the happiness and pleasure of the people of said City for all time.

Together with all the tenements, heriditaments and appurtenances, whatever to the same belonging, or in anywise appertaining.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and singular, the above mentioned and described premises, together with the appurtenances unto said party of the second parts forever.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF first party has hereunto set her hand and seal, the day and year first above written.